I was at a coffee shop tonight with a dear friend that I haven’t been able to hangout with in months. I go to this place often to study and hangout because it’s the only place that opens pretty late around here. But the reason it is open late is because it’s a coffee shop/bar lounge kind of place.

I love meeting up with this friend because God is always the center of our conversation. So the moment we meet up and start talking the conversation was based upon faith and how God has been moving in our lives. But as soon as we started sharing we looked to the table next to us and saw 3 young guys praying together.

To be honest I didn’t expect that because the atmosphere of the place isn’t really ideal for “bible study” or “prayer” since it’s like a bar. So it was a true blessing to see that. Then further into the evening we changed tables and went inside and then I saw another awesome site. 2 older men closing up a little devotion time with bibles in their hands.

That’s when I got a revelation. God doesn’t care about the place or location or the people around, He is there. God is in the most unexpected places.

We met there so we can talk about God through the night and what was awesome was that we weren’t the only ones. It was a nice thing to see different groups individuals in a place you wouldn’t expect to just grow in faith together.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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