Today was the time of the month where I give the message for both sermons. I felt blessed and privileged to give the sermon for our first service today for a couple reasons. First, because next week is a combined graduation service and after that the youth seniors are technically no longer in youth group so I was able to give a message for them. Second, next Sunday is our youth pastor’s last Sunday with us but since it’s combined service today would be his last 9:45 service.

Since it’s a season of transition for our church and also for many individuals God has been putting a lot on my heart. So today’s message was about what it truly means to be brothers and sisters in Christ. No matter what differences we may have or where we may be we will always have one commons factor which is our faith.

Even though I was the one giving the message it was what I needed to hear too. Sending people off that are dear to your heart is not an easy thing to do but this message gave me the comfort and encouragement that I needed. Even though we may not be physically together we are forever unified through Christ. He is the one who brought us together in the first place and if we continue to remain in Him we will remain with eachother.

That’s the beautiful thing about Christ-centered relationships. We always have something to relate to and talk about. God. Even though we may be in different places, seasons and chapters we always have something that binds us together.

The church is much more than a physical place. It’s a community and family. A heart. No matter where our brothers and sisters may be we are always one church under one God.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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