Couple of our senior youth kids just finished their last days of highschool. A few of us decided to hangout tonight to celebrate. It’s crazy to see this senior class graduate because I have known most of them almost all my life. I can’t believe they are already about to enter into college.

As we were hanging out tonight I was in deep thought. I started to think back on how I was when I was their age. Being reminded of my mindset and character during my senior year and summer going into college. Then I thought about how I am today and realized how much I have changed.

I remember that summer. All I cared about was partying, hanging out with friends, doing things I shouldn’t have been, distancing myself from church and having big worldly aspirations. I wasn’t accepted into any of the colleges that I wanted and only had one option which was a branch campus of University of Cincinnati. So that summer all I cared about was having “fun”.

Not going to lie I was a very sinful person back then. All I knew was myself. My faith was never top priority. If you told me then that I would end up being a pastor I would have probably laughed in your face.

Looking at who I’ve become today and where I am in life now it still blows my mind. Only God could have changed me, which He did. It’s already been four years since that time in my life and it is truly unbelievable to see how much God has done in my life.

Today’s thoughts were very humbling. God reminded me how thankful I should be for who I am today. I have finally found my true self and my identity in Christ. It’s nice to take a step back and look where I was and see how far I’ve come through His good graces.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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