Today Refresh was blessed by one of our elders at the church. He is our biggest supporter and randomly he asked to take us all out for a dinner fellowship tonight. We were able to share great conversation, many laughs, prayer points and even celebrate birthdays. It was truly a blessed time.

One of my younger brothers who I’ve mentored and grown in faith with is now old enough to be apart of Refresh. He just finished his freshman year in college and is home for the summer. So while he is here he will be coming out to refresh and tonight was his first time joining us.

So after dinner I wanted him to have a chance to hangout with some of our members. A lot of them had to go home but a couple sisters were able to hangout. So we decided to go to Starbucks and take advantage of the decent weather and sit outside and have conversation.

For me as well it was the first time hanging out with both of them outside of church. It was such a great opportunity to share life together and have the opportunity to get to know eachother better in an environment other than church.

We are a group of 4 really different individuals. A freshman in college, a recent college graduate about to start her first job, a young professional and me who is in college and ministry. Not only is our life stages different but our personalities and stories are very different too.

But the commonality that we all have is our love for God. It was such a blessing to share about what is going on in our lives but it was really great sharing about our faith. To hear and witness how God is moving in all of our lives was amazing.

God has revealed to me once again that He can overcome all differences. We can all learn from eachother and grow together. It’s truly great when God can be the center of conversation. I am so blessed and thankful to lead such a ministry with these brothers and sisters but most importantly grow with eachother.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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