It’s pretty awesome being on break and having this freedom that I haven’t had in such a long time. I feel like I am always running on a schedule but for the first time in awhile I am just going with the flow. I got here to Columbus Sunday night with no agenda really and I’m still here staying at my aunt’s house.

Growing up I had two best friends who til this day are my closest brothers. But after highschool one of them, Sua, moved to Michigan for college while the other stayed in Cincinnati. So ever since then I only get to see Sua a few times a year. Also when he went to Michigan his parents moved from Cincinnati to Columbus.

He moved back home to Columbus this summer. So while I was up here I wanted to take advantage and meet up with him and his sister Hanna. We met up for dinner and coffee and it was a great time. Filled with a lot of laughter and catching up on life.

It’s crazy to think we have all been friends for about 10+ years now. It’s awesome that even though life has taken us to different places, whenever we meet it feels the same. Nothing really changes.

God reminded me today how powerful relationships are when they are made in Him. We all are pretty different but the reasons we became so close was because of church. Today God showed me that the bonds He creates are almost impossible to break. No matter the differences or the distance, the commonality in Him can’t be broken.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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