For the pat years of my life Pentecost Sunday didn’t have much significance. I always just simply looked at it as the day The Holy Spirit came to earth. I never thought too deep into it. But this year it was a little different.

As I was worshipping last night God randomly encouraged me in the middle of  worship to look up verses on Pentecost. So I started reading Acts chapters 1 and 2 and that’s when God spoke to me. So I suddenly decided to change my sermon last minute yesterday for today to be on Pentecost.

God opened my eyes to the true meaning and depth of Pentecost. I have realized how important and monumental this day is and should be for our faith. It is when God’s gift of the Holy Spirit came into the earth and remained here til this day.

Many times as Christians we ask for the Holy Spirit to come when in reality it is already here and been here. Among us and in us. All because of Pentecost. I have gained a thankful heart and perspective towards this day.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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