It’s been one of those days where it’s like a blessing overload. Where you question how could God be so good and bless us so abundantly. All day it’s just been blessing after blessing. But the greatest part is when it all happens without expectation.

It all started at lunch. Randomly I got invited to eat lunch with our children’s and Korean ministry young adult pastor. This was only our second time hanging out outside of the church all together. They are both absolutely amazing men of God but since they live in Kentucky because of seminary and only come to Cincinnati on the weekends it’s hard for us to make time to meet up. So it was great just sharing a meal, awesome conversation and a whole bunch of laughter. I’ve reminded once again how blessed I am for such a wonderful team to do ministry with.

Afterwards I went to go plan some last minute stuff for our first mission meeting that was today. It was our first official meeting as a team to come together and prepare our hearts for our trip to Haiti this summer.

In the meeting our pastor showed us videos on the ministry we will be working with and the location in Haiti. That is when my heart really started to burn for this mission trip. To be honest I have been caught up with so much that I haven’t really had time to think about the trip so today was really good to get my heart hungry and desperate for this opportunity. I am so excited for all the preparation and to witness God move!

While driving back home from church my cousin from Atlanta randomly called me. I just thought he was calling to say hello. Then he asked me when I would be home. That’s when I realized he flew in from Atlanta and was in Cincinnati. That was definitely and unexpected surprise and huge a blessing. I couldn’t chill for long because I had to go somewhere but I’m excited to hangout with him this weekend.

So tonight was our last youth group home gathering (속회) since our youth pastor is stepping down in a couple weeks. This ministry has been so crucial for our youth and has brought so much fruit. Even though it was sad to see it end it was great to enjoy it one last time.

It was a night filled with full hearted worship. We all were able to lay everything down and give it all to God. We all encountered the living God tonight 🙂

Today I was able to witness that our God is truly alive. He is always present. Many times we ask for God to come in our presence but in reality it is our duty to come be in His presence. God has filled me with an excitement for what is to come in this next season!

I saw God today.

Did you?

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