Today was my first official day of summer break. It was definitely different than what I have envisioned my first day off from school would be. I thought I was going to catch up on missed sleep and wake up in the afternoon and do a whole bunch of nothing. That definitely didn’t happen but it was much better than what I have expected.

I woke up after a good night’s rest around 10. I expected to sleep longer but I woke up feeling really well rested so decided to start my day early. I went out to brunch with my parents, which I haven’t been able to do for a month or so now. It was a really great time catching up with them, especially since I had nothing on my mind to worry about. I felt at peace and being with them made it even better.

The weather finally cleared up this afternoon (even though it is raining again now lol) so when we got back from brunch I decided to do some yard work. As I was trimming the bushes and listening to praise, I felt a sense of peace and relaxation that was much needed. It was great to be out in the sun, listening to worship and just being in God’s presence.

After that, our youth pastor came over. Him and I will be leading worship for tomorrow’s service so he came over so we could practice. It started as a practice but ended up becoming a time of worship for both of us. It was great having a jam session and just praising God.

These past couple weeks I had so much on my mind because of school. It has effected me even at church. So it was really nice to have a time of carefree worship with nothing on my mind but God. I wouldn’t have wanted to start my break off any other way.

After practice I went to go meet up with a couple friends. I’ve realized that for this past semester every time I met up with my friend it was to study. So it was nice to finally hangout just to hangout. It was a time of good conversation, fun and joy.

Right after hanging out I went to a dinner meeting. I met with my senior pastor and another pastor to continue planning our summer mission trip to Haiti. I was so thankful for this time because it got me really excited for this summer. Not only the mission trip but the preparation as well. I was able to gain a heart of excitement once again for serving God.

Even though today was a pretty busy day I was able to find rest and rejuvenation that I was in need of. These past couple months I was burning my self out but today God ignited a new flame in my heart. I’ve realized the value in taking a break and finding rest to gain energy for what is to come. God truly provided what my heart was needing today. I’m extremely glad it’s finally summer but I’m more glad that I am able to give Him more attention and time.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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