Our current youth pastor is moving and starting a new season after this month. That means he doesn’t have many more opportunities left to spend with the youth group. So for tonight’s service we did something different. Instead of having the usual youth praise team lead worship, him and I led.

Most people who know me already would know that singing is definitely not my forte. Music in general is something I have no talent in but love so much. I never really learned any instruments growing. But a couple years ago I started to mess around with the djembe and cajon. I am not good by any means but really do enjoy being able to take part in some shape or form in leading worship.

I have helped lead worship a handful of times by playing cajon and singing. But to be honest I am still very insecure. I get off beat a lot and off pitch too often lol. But it definitely is something I have a passion for.

Our youth pastor asked me to take a lot more singing parts than I am used to. So at first while practicing and preparing I was pretty nervous and anxious. But something happened in my heart tonight.

Our format was unorthodox tonight. Instead of having a set of worship and then a message we continued to worship and have mini message/prayer times in between. I led the first one. We decided not to prepare it ahead of time and just go with the Spirit in the moment.

To be honest I had no idea what to expect tonight. But I’m glad it was that way. The moment I started speaking I knew that God took over and His words were being spoken. He wanted to emphasize that tonight was a night of true worship. No matter where we were or what season we are in, he wanted us to put everything aside and just rejoice with Him. To give Him what we could.

He encouraged me to do that. After the prayer set I decided to just let all my insecurities go and just sing and play my heart out. Without worrying about anything, give him my everything.

I encountered true freedom in worship. I was able to just lift my heart up to Him with no strings attached. No interior or selfish motives. Just give Him the praise and glory He deserved.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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