I designated today to be a day where I get the rest I needed and to study for my last exam of the semester that is tomorrow. So I was able to sleep in a little and just relax for the first half of my day. I was feeling pretty confident for my exam so I woke up this morning feeling pretty carefree.

As most people do I woke up and just rolled around in bed for about 30 minutes not wanting to get out. So I grabbed my phone and got on Facebook. That’s when I came across a video on my news feed that really hit my heart. It was probably the first time I was almost in tears as soon as I woke up.

The video was of two young children on a singing show in China performing “You Raise Me Up”.

This song is extremely powerful but since I have heard it countless number of times it has honestly lost its value for me. It doesn’t really “hit” the way it did the first couple times I’ve heard it. So when I started to watch this video I didn’t have much expectation.

But wow. I was blown away. These children had so much power and it brought the lyrics truly to life for me. It reminded me of what this song is really about and the strength that is in the lyrics.

First thing in the morning I was filled with a heart of worship because of this video. I couldn’t have started my day any better. Literally all day I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I kept on envisioning the faces of these two children singing this wonderful testimony.

To be honest I don’t know if they are Christian. I don’t know what they were thinking or feeling when singing this song. But what I do know is God used them to touch me and move in my heart.

I was reminded again of how powerful children can be as instruments for God’s kingdom. Through their innocence and purity they are able to bring something that is really difficult for adults to do. God really loves his (literal) children.

Even though these kids are on the other side of the planet and less than half my age I was able to relate with them through worship. That’s how universal our God truly is. He has the ability to move through anyone and everyone to touch others. God’s love doesn’t discriminate but is given to all and can be witnessed through anyone He chooses.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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