A few years ago during a mission trip in Dominican Republic a group came into existence called “BT”. Many may already know what that stands for. Bro talk. Cheesy I know lol. It all started when a handful of teenage boys in youth group would stay up all night talking about whatever happens in their teen lives plus me, just there laughing along and giving insight and sharing as well.

One of our boys graduated last year. He just got back home tonight for the summer from Emory. The most appropriate way to celebrate his homecoming was to have a BT. At Waffle House Haha! Not all the youth boys were able to come out since it’s a school night and all but a few of us were able to get together.

Yeah, we discussed many different things that brought us laughter but the greatest topic we always tend to cover during these talks is faith. It was such a blessing to hear how everyone was doing in their walks with the Lord. It was especially awesome hearing the growth and new perspective that our brother has gained during his freshman year in college.

It’s always amazing to see a fellow brother in Christ grow in their identity and relationship with God. To see the seeds that have been planted turn into fruit. To see a boy turn into a young man of God.

College may be a season of struggles and faltering but for some it can be a season of breakthrough and spiritual maturity. To witness the latter is truly a blessing. It just shows that God is never done working especially when you aren’t done hungering. I was blessed tonight by my brother.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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