It’s that time of the semester where I am busy writing papers and studying for finals. Most college students could probably agree that this is a time when you actually spent a lot of time listening to music. Headphones are a necessity for studying.

I had to go to my school library today to return some books and check out new ones for my last research paper of the semester. I took a look around and every one had their headphones in including myself. For me I always have a couple playlists I choose to listen to when I’m studyin or writing papers. I try to listen to songs that are slower and less distracting.

But the thing about worship and praise music is that sometimes it’s too beautiful not to focus on. I had one of those moments today. I was sitting there looking through a huge stack of books when suddenly God spoke to my heart. This song that I barely knew came on and just brought me to an intimate place with God.

I couldn’t help but put everything down and just close my eyes and fully be in that moment with Him. I was just there in the middle of the library caught in a time of spontaneous worship. I couldn’t think about anything else but God’s love.

That’s when God reminded me once again that anywhere can be a place of worship. That even in a library during finals week, when all I am supposed to think about it school, is a time when I can think about Him. But what really touched my heart was that God came to me and found me in such an unexpected time. He met me where I was and spoke His love into my ears and heart.

God is always in search for us even when we aren’t in search for Him. His love knows no boundaries and is truly relentless. It’s our job to just be aware and acceptive of Him, no matter where we are. When He speaks all we need to do is listen.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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