It’s such a relief to end your day after accomplishing everything that was on your agenda. Overall it has been one long day but ultimately a successful day. I couldn’t have done all that I had to do with a peaceful and joyful heart if it wasn’t for God.

I started off the morning by going to my last lecture of the semester. What a relief it was to finally be done with classes. That just reminded how close ahead the finish line is.

After class I picked up food for my dad and I and had lunch with him back at home. After feeling extremely full I went into a food coma and decided to go be lazy and hopefully take a long nap before I did one of my final term papers. So I went into my room and laid in my bed in attempt to get some sleep but I took a look outside and saw the sun shining and that’s when I felt like God was encouraging me to get some energy and go work on my paper and not waste time.

All of a sudden I felt a burst of motivation so I hurried up and got everything I needed and went to Barnes and Noble to work on my paper. Not going to lie, that motivation didn’t stay on the level I wanted it to be the whole time but God helped me push through. Everytime I felt a little overwhelmed or exhausted I took a break, focused on the lyrics of the praise I was listening to and had short discussions with God.

4 hours and 8 pages later, I completed it. Honestly it was such a good feeling putting that last period on the paper and knowing I just gave it my all. Now I only have one more paper and a final exam to get through. The best part is I’m still not feeling stressed or anxious but true peace.

To be honest I have always been the type that wasn’t a fan of people who always prayed for their studies and academics. I had this mindset that school was something you have to get through personally. But my thoughts have changed in the past year or so. If you are in prayer about everything else in your life and rely on God in all aspects, we should be able to trust in Him in our academics as well. God is able and capable in moving through all things. Maybe He won’t just give you an A since you prayed but He will provide you the helping hand to guide you to do so.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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