This past week God has been giving new revelation that I have really been in need of. Speaking to me truth about something that has always been a personal struggle. Stress.

I have always been the easily stressed type. The reason is because I am an over thinker for sure. I tend to waste a lot of time thinking about the smallest things and over analyzing every situation before, during and after they occur. Whenever that happens it always effects me in very negative ways. I become really sensitive, bitter, angry and distant myself from God.

I expected that to happen to me this week. It’s time for finals and a lot to do. So even a month ago I pretty much planned that this week and next week will be times of stress. Thinking about that now it’s funny to think about.

But surprisingly and very unexpectedly, I am not really stressed. All because of a simple truth God revealed to me which was, don’t stress yourself out. It may sound so simple and not a big deal to others but that is something I really needed to be reminded of.

Stress is something I give upon myself. I am in control of how stressed or how happy I will be. So God has encouraged me this week to stay positive and do the things I need to do to stay peaceful. And it’s been working!

I made sure to schedule my days ahead of time and designate what I will be studying and working on each day. I planned in a way that would not be overwhelming but at the same time increase efficiency. Most importantly I have spread out things enough that I still have time for myself to just relax and get enough sleep.

I saw the positive fruits from that today. So one of my hardest classes which I need to do good in is my Wisdom of Solomon class. My professor made it that we don’t have class this week and we can choose a time anywhere from this week to next Thursday to take the exam. So I planned to take it today and spend time early this week studying. I took the exam and I feel pretty confident 🙂

So I made time today to just relax and spend time with my family after my exam. Then tomorrow I will be working on a final paper and Saturday I will do my last term paper. That will give me time to study for my last exam which is on Wednesday.

I was so glad that I got to just be with my family and get my mind off of everything for the evening. I was even able to watch a movie with them. Usually I wouldn’t allow myself to do that because I would purposefully stress myself out and procrastinate. But planning ahead of time has given me the freedom to have the times of happiness and peace that I need.

Ultimately what I have been learning from this experience is how to manage my time and stress. Also learning a lot about myself. I have been able to find peace through God every single day. To look for His comfort rather than succumbing to my ways. He has taught me the importance of taking a step back, looking at Him and taking a deep breath. Because at the end of the day if I’m a good steward and have my trust in God everything will be okay.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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