It has been one solid day of being around some genuine brothers in Christ (and sister lol). Very unexpected but greatly appreciated. Again God allowed interactions to happen through His plans and not mine.

Before Refresh tonight I went to the coffee shop near church that I usually go to on Wednesdays but have been to in awhile. I went in feeling a little stressed out having to study for a final exam. When I entered into the doors I was welcomed by my favorite barista. He is a worship leader at a local church. I haven’t seen him for almost a month so it was nice getting to have conversation with him.

Thankfully they weren’t that busy so that allowed me to talk with him for about 15 mins. We were catching up on how eachother’s ministries were going these days then randomly got on different topics about the bible. It was so nice getting to hear his perspective on things and hear how God is working in his life as well as share my heart.

After I studied for a bit I went to church to go set up for Refresh. I was in a pretty good mood and filled with joy that I was in need of. It was about time to start and people I didn’t expect to see started coming in tonight. Especially brothers that I haven’t seen or have come to Refresh in awhile.

Worship was great and afterwards we went into our men’s group for bible study. It was so inspiring to hear everyone share and discuss what has been in their hearts and to see God working in such personal ways. God reminded me and revealed to me how He is truly active in each brother’s life. To witness growth happening as we spoke was such a blessing.

After Refresh I went to another coffee shop to meet up with a friend from school to study. Not going to lie we didn’t get as much studying done as we hoped. But we spent a lot of time just talking about life. It was really nice to get to know him even better and just share laughs. I believe that God brought us together to fellowship tonight and grow as brothers.

Overall I have realized how blessed I am to have these relationship with such amazing brothers in Christ. God opened my eyes to see and be comforted with the fact that I am not doing this life alone. But that He has blessed me with people by my side to walk in faith with. I am truly thankful.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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