For the ones who know me already know that I only have one sibling. An older sister that is 11 years older than me. Growing up with a sister that is so much older than me was and still is today such a big blessing. She was always much more than a sister to me.

To this day I’m still extremely spoiled by my sister. But growing up I always wished that I had a younger sibling who I could take care of and be there for just like my sister has done for me. Obviously my parents never let that wish come true lol. But God did.

Ever since graduating high school I have been highly involved with youth group. Being a bible study teacher, volunteering and help organize events, counselor at retreats etc. But it wasn’t until a few years ago I truly started to appreciate my younger brothers and sisters. I look at them as much more than just my students or youth kids, they are the younger siblings that I have always wanted.

Some people my age may not understand why I spend so much time with them and choose to be with them. But the reason is because I really do love them. Just being with every single one of them always puts a smile to my face. And the reality is, I’m not the only one pouring into their lives, they pour into mine. That is why they are so special to me, because I can see through the years that we grow together.

Yes, we go through very different things and encounter seasons that are not similar. But through it all we grow together in God. I have witnessed so many of them grow in unexplainable ways and I bet they could say the same about me.

They are my true critics who tell me things that I need to hear when others tell me what I want to hear. They encourage me with much more than words but with their hearts. They make me angry but moments later bring true joy. They bring the goofiest side out of me that no one else has ever seen. They are family.

My bible study class and the girls bible study class went out to Starbucks for a combined gathering today. That is when I was reminded how thankful and blessed I am. It’s an honor to be a big brother to them and a blessing that they even accept me as an older brother. I am insufficient and flawed in so many ways but always they accept me. They remind me everytime what it means to be a part of a Christ-centered family.

Thanks for allowing me to attempt to be the big brother I have always wanted to be. I know I fail and fall short at times but I will always try my very best. No matter where you all are in the years to come, know that I am here for you. Our bond was made through God, therefore is everlasting. Love you all.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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