Tomorrow is my day of the month where I give the message for both English ministry services. Some may already know but I have this thing where I don’t give the same sermon twice in a day. The reason is because the first time I give it I really allow the spirit to speak but the second time I tend to want to copy and repeat exactly what happened the first time but that causes my flesh to speak instead of allowing God. Therefore on days like tomorrow I always prepare two different sermons.

But the thing about preparing two different sermons is much more than it just being twice the work. What’s actually challenging is really digging deep with God to find two different messages that He wants to speak. That means I have to be that much more intentional in seeking, praying and asking God for His heart. But as well all know, God is good and he has provided.

On Tuesday evening while I was driving, out of nowhere He gave me the message that He wanted me to share for the first service. Just by looking out my window at the weather and being aware of Him He revealed His heart (wrote about it in my post on Tuesday titles “Calm Before The Storm”).

The overall theme of the sermon is to rejoice always. Not only after overcoming a storm or hardship but in the moments before as well. Not to be overwhelmed for what is to come but rather embracing the times that lead up to it. To not be stressed or anxious before something happens but instead to enjoy and be aware of the blessings right in front of you.

The funny thing is on Tuesday that message didn’t mean much to me personally, I just thought it would be good for others to hear but through yesterday and today it was the message that I needed to hear. With finals coming up and end of semester papers and things to do in ministry in these next two weeks I started to become extremely overwhelmed and stressed out. But that is when I was reminded of the exact message He revealed to me.

What He spoke to me on Tuesday was much more than just a sermon topic, it was His heart for me. A reminder that He wanted to tell me personally. He knew on Tuesday what I would need to hear this weekend. Isn’t it crazy how God truly is all knowing?

I found so much comfort in this. To know that God always is more than few steps ahead of me. He knows exactly what we need before we even do. That’s how amazing of a Father He truly is.

I saw God today

Did you?

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