It has been one jam packed day. I am straight up exhausted. My day looked like this. Went to classes, met up with my family for my cousins graduation lunch, went to the hospital to pray for a family member, hurried home to get some stuff, picked up one of my youth boys from school, went to get ice cream with him, met up with other youth kids and pastor to eat dinner, got to church and played basketball, had service, meeting, and played more basketball for about 2 hours and now finally back in my house.

Even though it was a full day every moment was awesome. It was one of those days where it was nearly impossible to pick out a negative thing at all. Being busy is quite alright and enjoyable when you are surrounded by the people you love.

But to be honest through all the busy things I was not really opening my eyes to look for God. Until He revealed Himself to me at church. Since I was already tired I didn’t have much motivation or expectation for tonight’s service. I was just there by routine. But through that God touched me in very unexpected ways.

Once we started worshipping I was very distracted. For some reason I couldn’t fully give myself to God and be focused. But suddenly, in a quick moment all of it changed. I just felt freedom. Everything was laid down and God intentionally put me in a place of intimacy with Him.

Then we entered into our time of bible study and discussion. We were reading through the book of Acts. Then we went around and answered and shared one simply question. What is church?

The answers that most of the kids shared were things that I’ve already heard of but still was awesome. But one of the boy’s answer really blew me away and had me in deep thought. He is probably our most soft spoken youth kids and he is in my bible study class. Even though he is quiet his thoughts are so deep. But what he said tonight was not expected.

He said, “church is home”. The moment he stated that I had to take a step back. It was a perspective that I never really heard of before. Being the quiet guy he is, he said that one sentence and that was it. But that left room for all of us to really ponder it and interpret in our own words through our own personal lens.

I am at church atleast 3 days out of the week. Church is somewhere I have always known. A familiar place. But I have never called church my home. But the reality is, it should be. Why? Honestly I’m still thinking about it and want to encourage everyone else to continue contemplate that statement. Why is church home?

I saw God today.

Did you?

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