After my time in Hawaii about 3 years ago I gained a true appreciation for nature. I have realized that nature is an avenue in which God communicates with us. Today was one of those days where I heard God’s voice and received revelation and wisdom just through opening my eyes to the weather.

It has been on the news that starting this evening there is going to be big storms here in Cincinnati. I guess it is finally time for the spring showers to come. As I was driving to our weekly prayer meeting I had my windows down and I started to pay attention to the sky and the atmosphere.

The clouds turned the darkest shades of gray and there was no wind blowing at all. It was a very calm but eerie feeling. It was the calm before the storm. It was obvious that in any moment the rain will fall and the thunder will roll but in that moment it was quiet. There were no birds in the sky and the trees were standing still. It was like all of nature was just in anticipation for what was to come.

That specific moment displays the current state that I am in. I have finals coming up in a week and papers to write. And as soon as this semester is over and summer comes I have a lot of responsibilities coming my way for church. I will have to start looking for seminarys and start deciding what transitions will have to be made for my ministry. But currently there isn’t much for me to do, it’s really calm and quiet but in the back of my mind I have uneasy anticipation for what is to come. I feel like I am only worried about the storms rolling my way that I have lost sight of the current place I am in.

That’s when God spoke to me and gave me wisdom and comfort. Anticipation and expectation for what is to come isn’t a bad thing. But that shouldn’t distract me from embracing what is here now. I need to take advantage of the present situation.

The literal calm before the storm is a very peaceful time. It’s a moment where everything is quiet and still. Just like in my life right now it’s a time where stress is not present even though it may come in any moment. It’s a time where I can find rest and take advantage of the stillness. I shouldn’t let fear of what is to come get in the way of the beauty and opportunities that I have now.

God isn’t only there for us in the midst of the storms and hardships, He is also there in the time of peace and stillness. I shouldn’t only look for Him when the times get rough but also in the moments everything is well. He is present and works through it all.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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