After all the wedding festivities this weekend, waking up for church this morning was a struggle. It was one of those Sunday mornings. But on my drive to church I listened to some good music and got myself in an optimistic mood.

A lot of church goers and may experience at some point in their faith where it feels like going to church on a Sunday just feels like a cycle. Where every Sunday is just going through the same routines. Honestly I feel like that at times also. It’s almost like every Sunday when I wake up I already know what is going to happen that day.

But today, God blessed me in a very unexpected way. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary or something crazy but through simplicity.

As many people already know, I go to a Korean church so our congregation is predominantly Korean. But our 9:45 service is an English service where we have a few American elders who attend. These people have been coming to this church for decades before it became a Korean church.

Our worship time during that service this morning was truly amazing. For me personally it was a time of intimacy with the Lord and an opportunity for me to give Him praise. During the time of worship I was blessed by one particular individual.

We have an American member of our congregation who just turned 93 years old last Sunday. She has been attending our church for countless number of years. I remember always knowing her as the “pretty grandma” because every Sunday she would always be dressed so nice and always look so healthy. But about a year ago she fell and broke her hip and ever since that hasn’t been the same. She hasn’t been able to attend church for a long time until about a month or two ago.

During our worship time the congregation all stands but the elderly people usually don’t because it’s hard for them. But this lady no matter what always stands and worships. Even though our songs our contemporary she always tries to follow along.

Today as we were singing “How He Loves” I could hear her voice. The moment I heard her singing and looked at her my heart was touched. It was one of the most beautiful things to witness. To see a daughter of God, 93 years old, still proclaiming God’s great love.

That’s when I asked myself, “would I still be able to sing about God’s love when I am 93 years old?” “Will I still stand before the Lord and worship Him with all my heart when I’m old and weak?”

She really challenged and encouraged me. At that age she has experienced so much more than I have so far in my life. Much more pain, sorrow, loss and hardships. But still she is able to sing about God’s love. That is how I want to be when I am 93.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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