It’s about to be a crazy and amazing weekend for my family. My cousin is getting married here in Cincinnati this Saturday! I’m so excited for this awesome time that God has allowed for all of our family.

At first it was difficult for me to feel the excitement because of an important exam I have tomorrow and a paper due. So to start off my day I was pretty stressed and overwhelmed because I knew I needed to get everything done before all my family came into town this evening. I’m glad I got a lot of studying out of the way last night, even though I was up pretty late it was all worth it. By late afternoon today I felt pretty confident and ready.

After I got doing my thing I went home and that is when the festivities started to begin. I had family come over to my house for dinner from all over. Atlanta, D.C., Wisconsin and Columbus. We had about 15 people of our family in our house tonight and that is only ones from out of town.

As I took a step back and soaked in everything that was happening I just realized how truly blessed I am with such a great family. To know that I have all these people in my life to share memories with, grow together and love together is such a blessing. I am the person I am today because of the family that God has put me in and I am forever thankful for that.

I cannot wait to His blessings unfold during this weekend. It has been awhile since all of us have gathered together, and I believe that God is going to take advantage of this opportunity to fill our family with joy and love.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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