If you read my post from last night you know that my mentor pastor was in town yesterday from Maryland. So he was planned to drive back down today. He had such a busy schedule today since everyone wanted to see him because it has been over a year since being back in Cincinnati.

But I had a request for him, a favor I really wanted him to do. Which was pray for my dad. For the ones who know, my dad broke his femur about 4 months ago on the leg he already has polio in. So he has been out of work for the whole time and hasn’t been able to open up his shop. He is continuously in physical therapy but it’s a slow process getting back to fully walking. Doctor says possibly another 2 months or so.

It has been truly a struggle for him. Not being able to work, walk and provide for the family has really been taking a toll on my dad mentally and spiritually. And since our church is an old building and has a lot of steps he hasn’t been able to attend church for over 4 months too. Overall it has been a very difficult season for him as well as my family.

My mentor pastor has played such a big role in my life but also in the lives of my family as well. My dad really loved having him as a senior pastor. He would frequently stop by my dads shop and just spend time with him when he was here. He was a really personal and intimate pastor who was much more than someone who just gave a sermon on Sunday. Therefore I thought it would mean a lot if he could come over and see my dad and pray for him.

In the midst of his super busy schedule he made time to stop by our this morning before heading back to Maryland. It was only for about 10 minutes but that time was so powerful. His prayer was truly a prayer from God.

Every word he said in his prayer was what my dad and our family needed to hear. There was so much strength and power. During the prayer I knew the Holy Spirit was present and working in all of our hearts. The words he prayed were heart pieces from God being delivered.

I couldn’t have asked for a better gift or blessing. I can confidently say that God moved in my dad this morning and in our family. My dad was able to hear the whispers from our father through my pastor’s prayer.

I was truly blessed today. I was also reminded about what prayer really is and the strength that comes in prayer. I am so thankful He had sent His messenger this morning to bring the healing and love that we were all so desperate for.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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