Friday I got a call from my mentor pastor who now lives in Maryland saying that he will be in town for a day. Even though he had an extremely busy schedule I was able to spend some time with him tonight. We met with with some friends who he had a huge impact on as well. As we gathered together, it brought back great memories of the times he was here and when he was our senior pastor.

I have visited him a couple times since he moved but it was the first time seeing him back here in Cincinnati. As we sat together as the old gang, it was so nostalgic. Felt like nothing has changed.

It’s always good to hear his wisdom and guidance for all of us. I have never met someone like him before in my life, that I can truly be open with and talk with no worries for being a senior pastor. People that know my relationship with him already know, but he played one of the biggest roles in my life for me to take on my calling in ministry.

So every time I get to catch up with him it reminds me of those times we had. Even though it was a short time tonight, it was a blessing. I have been reminded how privileged I am to have a mentor like him. Someone who never changes, no matter the circumstances. Someone who loves God with all his heart, and loves young people with true passion.

Whenever I get a chance to look at him I always see God through him. He always inspires me to be the man of God that I want to be. He gives me encouragement and confirmation about being a pastor. He is the definition of servant of God that I one day hope to accomplish.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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