What an amazing night it has been by the grace of God. We had the privilege to take our youth kids to Bethel Worship Night. For me personally it was a time of true worship, where God truly allowed me to open my heart and submit myself to Him.

This past Wednesday at Refresh our bible study and discussion was based on Worship. Something that we talked about was that Worship is not all about the music but about the heart and act of worshipping. I was blessed tonight that God encouraged and challenges me to do just that.

I love Bethel and listen to a lot of their music but the funny thing was tonight they only played a few songs that I knew. So at first I was a little discouraged because I couldn’t really sing along but that is when I was able to take a step back and come to a true heart of worship.

God allowed me to not focus on the songs but pushed me into a time where I was able to lay everything down at His feet. I was able to focus a lot on prayer and just giving Him the glory. Then suddenly I felt this true tangible sense of freedom. A sensation where I knew I had nothing holding me back and where I was able to give Him my everything in my own way.

It wasn’t about knowing the lyrics or the melody of the song. Instead it was allowing my heart to cry out the lyrics and having those words be my confession and testimony. We started singing “King of My Heart” and we just kept on repeating the words “you are good”.

Those simple words became the shout and prayer from the bottom of my heart. In that moment I realized that worship has nothing to do with me, rather just glorify His name and proclaiming who He is. A good father.

I know that tonight I have God all the offerings I could. I lifted up my heart to Him. In my brokenness and all, I gave Him what I could and I have no regrets.

Being able to be with all these people tonight and our youth kids pouring out our everything I believe I saw a glimpse of heaven tonight. Because just like what one of our Refresh members said Wednesday, heaven will be a place where we worship and praise our Father all day and night. I was able to witness a taste of what the Kingdom of heaven is going to be like. His children coming together with one heart, a heart of true worship.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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