Refresh tonight for me personally was amazing, much needed and very eye opening. Last Saturday we went to Outcry Tour which is a huge concert with various artists, and then Sunday going off of Saturday night my sermon was on worship and today our bible study and discussion was focused on worship.

Worship and praise is a very essential part of Christianity but since it is such a foundational element of our faith many times it is overlooked. So tonight we had a big group discussion answering questions like what worship is to us personally, common misconceptions of worship, and why it is so important and necessary. Also we looked at what the bible said and how scripture defined and described worship. The verses we looked at were: Romans 12:1-2, John 4:23-24, Isaiah 25:1.

During our discussion and hearing the hearts of our brothers and sisters really helped me look at worship in ways I never have before. It was so beautiful to see how everyone views it through a different lens and understanding but at the same time all have a common root.

We sang the song “Heart of Worship” together and the lyrics of that song really touched me. Even though I have sang that a million times, tonight God revealed to me so much about what worship truly is through that song.

God has been encouraging me after tonight to live a life of worship and not only wait for Sunday or Wednesday to do so. Worship is much more than music and singing but it is an action of the heart.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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