This week has been quite a struggle due to being sick but the weekend definitely made up for it. Last night went to Outcry concert and the worship carried on into our service today. God is so good and moved in the most amazing ways during our 1:30 service this afternoon.

One of our dear sisters of Refresh who moved to Maryland last year visited today. It was so awesome being able to see her. She has played such a huge role in our ministry just as a sister in Christ who always loved everyone. She has always been a big supporter for me personally and I will never forget the times she would pray for me and always be encouraging with her words and actions.

We started the 1:30 service after she left so it was her first time ever joining us in this service. Being able to have her once again amongst all of us in a time of worship was such a blessing. God proved today that once we are family we are always family. How awesome is it to come together once again and just lift up or worship and praise to God.

This past week has been hard for me because I was sick and this weekend was so busy therefore I didn’t get to prepare my sermon as much as I wanted to. I was a little nervous and anxious throughout the morning because I was feeling unprepared. But that is when God just told me to lay myself down before Him and trust in His ways. I was able to do that and through my surrender He moved completely. His words were spoken and not mine. So thankful that God can use me no matter the circumstances.

The way God does His work always exceeds our ability, understanding and expectation. He is a Father that knows what His children need and always executes. I am blessed to be able to witness and testify of His works, and to be a part of His work.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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