I just got home from Outcry 2016 in Indianapolis with my brothers and sisters of Refresh. It was a night where over 10,000 sons and daughters of God came together to worship the Father. Led by amazing men and women of God; Kari Jobe, Elevation Worship, Jesus Culture, Martin Smith, Hillsong and Brian Houston.

My heart was completely ravished tonight. Words can’t even explain what God has done. I can say with 100% confidence I encountered the living God tonight and witnessed Him move throughout so many. I experienced the love of God in a truly overwhelming way. And I can say from the bottom of my heart, God is good.

As I stood side by side with my Refresh family giving praise and worship to our Father I was truly blessed. To see our members just giving their everything and crying out to God was an experience none like anything else I have encountered since being a part of this ministry. Again God reminded me what Refresh is truly about. A community of brothers and sisters in Christ coming before God and giving Him our all in all.

I saw God move in the hearts of our family tonight. I saw chains be broken and freedom arise. I saw personal intimacy take place. I felt the love of our Lord and our love for Him set a flame. All I can say is thank you to God.

On a personal level, God brought me to a place that I have been truly longing for. About 3-4 years ago when I was struggling with accepting my calling to go into ministry, a specific song caused me to finally accept His calling for my life. That song was Oceans by Hillsong. That song led to a turning point and has changed my life forever. After taking on this calling and being in ministry and following those lyrics, today I was able to hear it live. Hearing that song and singing it once again just reminded me who I am as a Son of God and gave me the confirmation that I have been desperate for. The moment Taya Smith led us in that song, the hunger and desire that I have been having recently was satisfied.

I believe that God did His will tonight. It was a time for His children, including myself, to come back to where we belong. In His arms.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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