Thursday’s are always my longest days of the week but today felt longer than ever. Since I was sick these past couple days it was my first day back to classes since Monday. I felt a million times better than I have been feeling but this long day definitely took it’s toll on me.

Had my first class, Wisdom of Solomon for Life from 11-12:15. Right after went to Biblical Studies Tutorial from 12:30-1:45. After that had a meeting with my advisor that took way longer than expected which ended at 3:15. Then my final class Social Psych in a Christian Perspective was at 3:20. Therefore I didn’t have any time to have lunch. So by the time I was in my last class I was tired, felt a little sick again, hungry and just wanted to be done.

I was sitting in class waiting for it to start when my friend walks in. He has been someone I have started to get closer with during this semester because of this class. But there is something about this guy, whenever I just see him I start to laugh and am filled with some sense of joy (this may come off a little weird lol). But he is the type of person that can brighten up anyone’s day and he succeeded to do that for me today.

He is an international student from Pakistan who has a huge interest in Korean culture (which I find interesting). He is a humorous character. The nickname that he has given me that he won’t stop calling me is master Woo. Funny, I know. lol. I have no idea why but he always calls me that. Also since he watches a lot of Korean dramas he calls me “hyungnim” which is an honorific term used by Koreans that means older brother. I would have never in my wildest dreams thought a Pakistani guy would be calling me “hyungnim” 🙂

Overall I am very thankful for this friend of mine today. He forced me to take a step back from my chaotic day to smile and laugh. It might not seem like a big deal to others but I believe that God used him today to bring me some joy that I was in much need of.

I have been reminded today to take a look around at the people He has placed in my life and be thankful. To laugh together, joke together and smile together. When it is hard for you to find joy in certain circumstances find it in other people.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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