As I was scrolling through Facebook today  I saw a YouTube video pop up of a brother of mine in Hawaii. It was a video of him singing a song that he had made. It was the same song that I used to love singing with him when I was in Hawaii doing missions a few years ago. Being able to hear that song again sung by him really blessed me.

While doing outreach in the city of Hilo this brother was someone who I met that really impacted my life. The funny thing is the first time we met he sang us this song so it was really nostalgic being able to hear once again after such a long time.

He was someone I really connected with. While I was there God had put him in my heart continuously and therefore we were able to form a great friendship. He was always open and vulnerable to me. I remember two key things about him. First, that he was truly hungry and desperate for God. Second, he loved music and had a talent.

To see that throughout all this time he is still using his talents and hunger to praise God was really moving. A couple years ago I was ministering to him but now he is ministering to all. That is a blessing.

Seeing that video today, over 2 years after I have left that island, has given me proof once again that God moved during my time there. To see continuous fruit is so amazing. Even though I am now miles and miles away from that place, to know there is someone like this brother doing God’s will brings a smile to my face.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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