Due to being pretty sick it was not the greatest day. I wasn’t able to go to classes and ended up just being in bed all day.

Today was my dad’s birthday so I had things planned. I was going to take him to lunch after classes since I wouldn’t be able to have dinner because of Refresh, but none of those plans were able to happen. I was really disappointed that I wasn’t able to spend quality time with him and celebrate.

Also I was really disappointed that I couldn’t go to Refresh. No matter what I wanted to be there tonight and I told myself all day I will go but about an hour before I was going to go I started feeling really sick again. But I am so thankful for my leaders for being there to step up for me. God has revealed to me once again how blessed I am for my brother and sister who are always there to support me and our Refresh family. He has reminded me that I am not alone.

Being a leader is not all about doing things on your own but doing things together as well. God places those people by your side to lean on in difficult times and to be the helping hand when you need it. I am so thankful for such a wonderful team and understanding community.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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One thought on “NOT AS PLANNED 

  1. ChenChen says:

    I completely relate to your day. I missed my Discover class at church today because I was feeling sick and all I wanted is to be there. I do hope you feel better soon and keep the faith. God bless. xx

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