Woke up at 4:45am this morning to head down to Wilmore, Kentucky to meet up with my brothers and sisters from the church in Atlanta I interned at last summer. They are in KY for the week for a camp for middle schoolers. Since it is only about 2 hours away I wanted to take advantage and go spend the day with them.

Once I got down there it was so nice seeing everyone. Since there are about 40 kids they split them up into two groups for separate activities. I was set to go with the group of 8th graders to go canoeing. Today was not the ideal day for canoeing at all. Being around the 30’s and windy. I tried to stay as positive as possible even though I was freezing. We ended up canoeing for about 5 hours… It was absolutely exhausting. But while going down the Kentucky River on a chilly but sunny day my eyes were opened to the beautiful nature I was surrounded by. It was so peaceful to see the spring blossoms along side the bank and the thick forests and rugged cliffs. I couldn’t help but just be in silence and adore God’s creations.

It was a super fun time but as soon as we got back to camp I felt like I was hit by a train. So I have been battling being sick all week but finally today sickness won and I think I caught the flu. I felt miserable. I had no idea what to do since I was a little ways from home. I wasn’t in the condition to drive so I took a nap so I could recover somewhat before driving back home. During my nap I started getting a fever and had cold sweats and a throbbing headache with a desert like throat. After I finally woke up I decided to just man up and get going.

Since being so sick I was not really feeling any joy at all. But while driving and getting out of the boonies in Kentucky I just took a look around and was filled with a peace. Seeing the sun set amongst large fields was so beautiful. Through His creations He gave me optimism today.

Sometimes just being able to look outside and see nature can turn your day around. Through nature I am able see at least a glimpse of God and His character. I’m blessed that even in my negative circumstances God revealed Himself to me.

I saw God today.

Did you?


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