Last night while preparing my two sermons for today, while feeling a little sick and really unmotivated I felt kind of nervous and unprepared. But waking up this morning I had this feeling of excitement and confidence that God was going to really speak through me during the sermons. Before I got up to speak in the first service, through prayer I just laid myself down in submission and asked God to use me as the broken vessel that I am.

That is exactly what He did. He removed any form of anxiety and worry and filled me completely with His spirit. Preaching has always been something I haven’t had much trouble with until this past month or so. For some reason I haven’t been able to speak and deliver God’s words in the way that I have been able to in the past. But today is when He brought me back to where I needed to be. Feeling completely free and spirit led.

During the first service my sermon was based upon God’s love give to us through Jesus dying on the cross and our responsibilities with that love. The responsibility of loving one another in the way He has loved us. While giving the message I went off script a handful of times and that is when I knew God was speaking and not myself. Through those words He was not only speaking to the congregation but to me as well.

After the service multiple people came up to me and told me how blessed they were through the message. That is when I continued to give all glory to God because I knew that sermon was spoken by God and not of my own. I was so humbled today by just knowing and understanding that God had decided to use me as a mouthpiece and bridge between His heart and His children.

The second service I give the message for is our 1:30 service I lead every Sunday which consists of our Refresh members. Today’s message was something that I have been waiting to give for our members in my ministry but also something I wanted to be reminded about as well. The sermon was called “community”. It was focused again on God’s love and how as a community we are called to not only love each other but love God first.

I believe that this message was something I as the leader have been in need of hearing. It was so convicting as well as comforting. Through these words God was giving me provision and direction as well as for all our brothers and sisters as well. It has been a long time since I have felt the way I did during today’s sermon. Absolutely free and overwhelmed by the Father’s love.

I knew that these words were heart pieces from God. He was expressing His love for us and giving us the guidance that we were desperately in need of. Some of my prayers have been answered today through His words. I am beyond thankful.

After the sermon we went into a time of devotion where our praise team led the song “Set a Fire”. The moment we started singing the words “No place I’d rather be, than here in your love” my heart was ravished. That is when God opened my eyes once again. To see that there was no place I would rather be than here in God’s love, in this ministry, in this church, with these brothers and sisters. This is where I belong right now. In this moment I am to be nowhere else than in His love within these circumstances.

That is what I believe community is all about. Being in the presence of God and giving Him your personal love hand in hand with others doing the same thing. It’s not about only loving each other but most importantly it is about loving God and being loved by Him, but the beauty of it all is being able to do this together.

I am beyond grateful that God has redefined what community is to me today. Also I am so blessed to have received re-confirmation on what it means to be a leader and a part of a body. To understand the importance of loving God.

I saw God today.

Did you?


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