Yesterday’s youth lock-in was absolutely amazing. Couldn’t have asked for anything more. It was such a blessing for the kids but for myself personally as well. It was a time for rejuvenation and healing for me. It was really nice to just encounter God in a refreshing way.

After only sleeping a few hours on the church floor, waking up today I was not feeling so good. I came home and took a much needed shower and after that took a nap. As soon as I woke up from my nap I was coughing and just felt really weird. I haven’t been sick in a while and the timing is terrible. I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow with two sermons and a long week of school coming up as well.

Feeling this way, I was really unmotivated to do anything but especially prepare for my sermons tomorrow. I almost was just dreading it. That is when I was reminded by God this was the enemy trying to get a foothold of me. After such a blessed time yesterday and breakthrough, the enemy was trying to derail me from getting closer to God. I was in the midst of spiritual warfare today.

The enemy always tries to attack during times of growth in God. From my personal experience, the day after anything like retreats, mission trips, lock-ins and etc are the hardest. That is when the devil tries to pull you back two steps after you have taken one step closer to God. But these are the times we must not be faltered.

I found strength in God today and found hope through him as well. Even though I may be sick or feel unmotivated, He has kept me spiritually energized and optimistic.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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