God has been redefining a lot of things for me recently. He has been giving me new perspectives and refined lenses to view certain things in ways I have never seen before. Tonight was one of those moments.

Tonight was our March Praise and Prayer Night for Refresh. Usually for these nights I always have some sort of expectation and hope but tonight was a little different. Maybe it’s because it was a super hectic day before going to church but I literally had no expectations (but not in a bad way). I just had this sense of confidence and trust that God would do His thing tonight. Which He did.

Our worship team for tonight did a spectacular job. It was obvious that they were doing all things led by the Spirit and not of flesh. Their hearts of worship were crying out through all 10 songs. The praise portion of the night was amazing and really touching but to be honest it’s something I have experienced before (which is still awesome to experience all the time). But God did something in my heart that felt almost foreign but exciting.

Tonight’s theme was “community” so our prayer topics were all based upon the body of Christ. Our first prayer set was focused on interceding for our church as a whole as well as for the different ministries. That time was really great because we don’t really do that often. Then the second set of prayer was dedicated on praying for Refresh. That is when God overwhelmed me.

I had put prayer points to pray about for Refresh up on the screen. So everyone was on their own praying for these topics. As I was sitting all the way in the back I opened my eyes while praying and just saw all of our brothers and sisters diligently in prayer and that is when something just happened. I felt like God wanted us to join together and experience the power of prayer together.

I felt bad but I interrupted personal prayer time and I asked everyone to come together in a circle and join hands. As soon as all hands were joined and linked together, no joke I literally felt something crazy. The hand I was holding to my left and to my right felt glued to mine. It seemed like our hands were just connected together and we were truly unified as one body.

Then we started all praying out loud together for Refresh and that is when God’s power just started to reign down. It was so obvious and tangible that God was right there with us. His hand was in ours.

It was such a beautiful experience that is hard to explain in words. To be hand in hand with my brothers and sisters in Christ and come together with one heart of prayer for our Refresh family was so “refreshing”. That is when God opened my eyes and spoke to me. “This is what Refresh was meant to be”. In that moment He answered about a hundred of my questions through one revelation.

It hasn’t been the easiest season for Refresh and that lead me to really question a lot of things. Like what God wanted from this ministry, what changes needed to be made, what we were doing wrong, where He was leading us and many other similar thoughts. Through that moment of being hand in hand, unified in prayer He showed me that is what He wants from Refresh. He wants us to be a family, one body of Christ that prays together and worships together with ONE heart. Tonight God has answered my prayers and spoken to me. I am so thankful and truly blessed.

God has redefined to me this evening what the body of Christ is in modern day. He has given me a new perspective on ministry. Also He gave me confirmation and direction on what it means to be a leader of a God centered community.

Father God, how are you so awesome? I am so unworthy and undeserving but you have chosen to bless me with the greatest group of brothers and sisters that I could have ever asked for. Please always guide me to be a humble servant before being a leader. And may I always have a heart of thanksgiving and eyes to see the many blessings you pour out unto me every day in your divine ways. I will never be able to love you the way you love me but may I have the heart to try my best to do so. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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