After a 3 day weekend going back to classes this morning was a most definite struggle. It felt like mission impossible to get out from my cozy bed. After my 20 minute battle with the snooze button I finally got out of bed and headed to school. Waking up this morning I had no clue that an amazing day was ahead of me.

After classes I met up with one of my bible study boys that I haven’t been able to personally catch up with for awhile. He is someone that I can truly call one of my little (but big) brother.

The moment I saw him walk into the restaurant I was filled with a smile. Something about him just brings me joy. We ended up sitting in the restaurant for a little over two hours just talking about life. He has grown up so much and matured too quick since the last time I’ve really been able to sit one on one with him. But it was such a blessing that he was still so open and vulnerable before me.

He is a junior in high school and has been going through a phase where he now thinks he is a man lol. But to hear him still call me hyung (older brother in Korean) was a nice feeling. Showed me that our relationship hasn’t changed and that he isn’t too cool for me yet.

Spending that quality time with him was a blessing. It reminded me how relationships formed by God are everlasting. Brothers in Christ are forever brothers in life.

After coming home from hanging out with him I ate dinner and then headed over to church. We have our Praise and Prayer Night for Refresh on Wednesday and volunteers for worship were practicing tonight so I went to go be with them. I didn’t have much to do so I just sat there while they were practicing.

As I just sat there and looked at them my heart was just filled with joy. It was awesome to see three individuals from all different walks of life come together and unite as one to worship the Lord. It’s crazy how somehow some way God brought these people from California, Toronto and New Jersey to random Cincinnati and be a part of this faith community.

It was truly a blessing to witness their hearts unify just to praise and worship. To see them come together with their talents and use them to glorify God. Even though it was just practice I felt the spirit move in and through them. Unintentionally they led me in a personal time of worship that was so rejuvenating that I am so thankful for.

God has just revealed to me today once again how beautiful and lovely His children truly are. I am so thankful to call all these people in my life my brothers and sisters. God forms the most unexpected relationships but I am so happy he does so.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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