Easter Sunday has always been one of my favorite days because it always consists of a few of my favorite things; church, Jesus, family and food. Therefore today was pretty awesome. It was filled abundantly with blessings that I am so thankful for.

For people who know me they know that one thing that I really dislike doing for church besides singing hymns (lol) is translating. Being at a Korean-American church, whenever we have a holiday we do a joint service. That means the English speaking congregation and the Korean speaking congregation come together for a combined service. So I was asked last minute to do the translation for this Easter service. As usual I wasn’t really thrilled but I told them I would do it. The reason that I really dislike translating is because I am not that confident in my Korean and it is an area where I feel like I lack in.

So yesterday my senior pastor sent me his manuscript and I spent a little over an hour reading it and translating it into English. It was pretty short and concise so I felt pretty confident going into it today. But as most preachers know, a lot of times your message doesn’t go as planned. That is exactly what happened today.

While I was standing up there translating, reading off what I typed up, there was a sudden turn and my pastor started to go off script. In the moment I was thrown back and entered into panic mode. He kept on speaking but the things he was saying were not on my script in English.

No matter what, when he is finished with his sentences I would have to speak and say something. So I just prayed a quick prayer in my heart and trusted in God. Some how, some way God gave me the wisdom to fully understand everything He was saying so I could just translate on the spot. Honestly, I was very shocked I was able to do that. I had to actually do that for the majority of the sermon. Once it was over I was pretty relieved. I really thought that the congregation caught on and could tell I was nervous and was going along in the moment but when I talked to the other pastors after the service was over they all said they had no idea.


I was so thankful for that unexpected experience. Through that God gave me a refined confidence that I was desperately in need of. He helped me take one step closer in conquering my fear in translating. That is when I was reminded. If God has the power to raise His son from the dead, a minuscule fear and problem like this would be cake for Him to overcome.

After being filled with this joy and peace I went home. We had planned to have a cookout at my place with a whole bunch of my family just to spend time with each other and eat good food. That is exactly what we did. It is always a blessed time to be amongst my loved ones and just be in their presence. Overall today was a great day.

What I have been reminded of and realized this Easter was what it really meant to have new life in Him. That Jesus’ resurrection brings forth a life away from darkness for all of us. Because of His deed we are able to have a joy in our hearts and a hope for what is to come. Everything that holds us back can be broken because through Jesus we have resurrection power as well.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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