Just got home a little bit ago from a wonderful night at Refresh. God moved in all of our hearts tonight. We were all able to witness the strength of scripture and encounter His words come alive.

Since it is Holy Week and we are only two days away from Good Friday I decided that we would do something a little different for Refresh tonight. Normally for our weekly bible studies we break up into our men and women small groups to read scripture together and go over discussion questions. But today I thought it would be a good idea to combine groups and go through many verses and retrace Jesus’ last steps together all the way until the crucifixion and His death. So we started off by sharing about our weeks and sightings of God and then went into our scripture reading and reflection time.

It was so refreshing (no pun intended) to get together with the sisters for a change and hear about their lives and how God has been working in and through them to start off our night. What I have realized is that I have lacked to dig deeper with many of the sisters because I am just involved with the mens group. So today was really nice being able to talk with them and share about our lives together.

After the time of sharing we went through multiple sections of Luke. We read through scenes throughout Luke 22 & 23. We looked at the Last Supper, Jesus praying at the Mount of Olives, Barabbas, Jesus Crucifixion and His death. After each section was read we took time to read over it again on our own, meditate and share our reflections with each other. We did that for every section.


It was extremely powerful to read through these scriptures and view what Jesus has done for us through the lens of Holy Week. To prepare our hearts together by mourning through reflection. What was really moving to me was that we were able to do this together. To come side by side and reflect on Jesus’ last moments and understand that everything we were reading was done for us. I was truly blessed through this time.

After we were finished with everything, everyone left and I stayed after for a bit to clean up. After locking up and getting all my stuff I walked outside to go to my car to leave. Once I got outside I realized what a beautiful night it was. Before I got in my car I looked up and just adored the night sky. While looking at the moon and stars I had a weird feeling of joy and peace mixed with sorrow. It just had me thinking about Jesus once again. The thought of His love for us filled me wit joy and peace but the thought of what He did for us because of that love gave me sorrow.


I saw God today.

Did you?


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