It has been a tremendously long day. But even though it was long it was amazing. God moved in my heart in very unexpected but needed ways. He always reminds me that He knows exactly what I need.

This evening after my classes I went out to dinner with two of my youth boys since today was the start of their spring break. We ate together and afterwards went to a local coffee shop and played board games for hours. It was a time filled with laughter. I love being with these guys because whenever I am with them I tend to forget all my struggles and worries and all I am filled with is pure joy.

After we got done playing games we went outside to head to our cars but ended up standing around for another 20 minutes talking. That is when we decided that we will be fasting together tomorrow for Good Friday. I was so proud and happy that they were willing to fast and pray with me. It’s a new experience for them so I was ecstatic when they were willing to take on the challenge. By hearing their commitments it showed me how hungry they are for God and how they are striving to always break contentment and go deeper with the Lord. Their faith always amazes me.

We set up a plan on how we were going to fast together even though we won’t be together physically all day. After we made our plans we said our goodbyes and I jumped in my car to go home. Just like always the first thing I do when I get in my car is plug in my phone and turn on some music.

To be honest, today I have been feeling a little burnt out from praise music so pretty much all day I was listening to a K-Pop playlist that was on Spotify (don’t judge lol). Korean music has always kind of been my guilty pleasure and my secret escape. Today was one of those days. So tonight after meeting with the boys I turned on that playlist.

I had the playlist on shuffle and as soon as I left the parking lot something crazy happened. On the K-Pop playlist there was a gospel song. A K-POP PLAYLIST!! There is not reason for that song to be on there and I didn’t make the playlist, it was one made by Spotify. So I was just shocked and in awe.

While all day I was trying to take a little break from God, He showed up and came to me. He met me where I was and literally forced me to look upon Him. To be honest, that is exactly what I needed. The lyrics of the song were perfect too. It was about coming back to Him.


It is just crazy how God reveals himself to us. The God of all creation, the almighty God is wanting to encounter me. That is just unreal to think about but so awesome at the same time. Even though I was not looking upon Him, He was looking right at me all day. He knew I needed Him and He showed up. I really do not deserve this amazing love but God still decides to pour it upon me no matter what. God is so good.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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