Recently God has been continuously moving in my heart through music. I spend a lot of time driving and being in my car is one of my most peaceful times of the day. It’s when I let go of all my worries and just listen to music, praise God, talk to Him or just adore nature. But recently He has been revealing Himself to me in specific songs through the lyrics.

Today, on my drive to school and back home I had the same song on repeat. The song was “As The Deer” which is one of my favorite hymns/classics. A couple weeks ago I found a very good rendition of the song but haven’t really been able to listen to it since finding it. So today I listened to it about 30+ times (not exaggerating lol).

These lyrics just really rang in my heart today. This song just kept bringing me to a place to think about my faith and how I approach my relationship with God. The word that stuck out to me every time I listened was the word “pant”. I kept on contemplating what this word meant to me personally and how it applied to my faith.

As Christians we are always praying and worshipping while proclaiming that we desire, hunger and thirst for God. I feel like in my own life I am constantly saying that I want more of Him in my life. But what I came to think was if I am truly desiring Him or if it is just a thought or a mindset.

But what this word “pant” opened my eyes to was that it is an action. This word is a verb. It is something that is done. So I asked myself, “am I panting for God?” “am I truly desperate for Him?” “am I intentional in trying to fulfill my desires in my relationship with Him?”

God has challenged me through this song as well as encourage me. To not just think about thirsting for Him or just have a desire in my mind. Instead, to live it out through action. To be intentional.

As the deer I want to pant for Him like He is water. I want to search far and wide with all my strength to find Him. I want Him to be the only thing that will satisfy and fulfill this desire in my heart.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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