For almost two months now every Tuesday me, our youth pastor and two youth student leaders gather to have prayer meetings. Tonight was our last one and I was so excited to go. I had to miss the last two weeks due to being out of town and my sister’s birthday so being able to be back tonight with my brothers and unite in prayer was a blessing.

After worship we went around and shared praise reports/answered prayers and prayer requests. It’s a time of sharing and conversation to see what we can pray about for each other.

So most people in ministry probably can agree with me that it is really hard to find a group where you can truly be open and vulnerable and share about all that has been heavy on your heart. But this group of brothers is my place where I am able to open up completely and share about my struggles and such.

The past couple weeks have been pretty difficult for me internally. I have been struggling with spiritual warfare and it’s taken a toll on my personal faith and my spiritual wellbeing. It felt truly amazing to share with my brothers what I have been going through and receive prayer from them. It was truly what I needed. I felt the peace, comfort and encouragement that I was desperately in need of. God reminded me through that time how blessed and thankful I am for these guys in my life to pick me up when I am down and always care for me through prayer.

So after praying for each other we entered into a time of intercession. This is when we usually focus on praying for our youth group, church, congregation and etc. But today we started off interceding for something else.

We began our intercessory prayer time by lifting our prayers for the tragedy in Belgium that happened today. It was truly heartbreaking to find out about this terrible news. It’s definitely something we never want to hear about or see happen anywhere in the world. Many times when we find out about such catastrophes we feel helpless. But I believe that as Christians we are called to action for such events no matter how far we are. The action that we are to take is to pray.

That is why I was so glad we were able to meet tonight. To unite in prayer for this nation that has been devastated and broken. So as brothers we came together and sent out our hearts and prayers to the Father. Times like these usually negatively effect the way people view God which leads to questions and doubts. But as believers in God’s true character and love we trust in Him and unite with Him in prayer.

I believe that the power of prayer is beyond any human understanding. I believe that prayers are like arrows that have a trajectory and the ability to to be used by God in His divine ways. And I also believe that prayers are answered.

God the Father’s heart breaks for Belgium. And us as the children of God and family in Christ break for Belgium. Together we come in prayer and intercession that His will and plan shall come to be in that nation. Our God is the God who can bring the dead to life and I strongly believe that He will restore and bring up life out of the rubble in Belgium in His time.

Our God is sovereign, almighty, compassionate, merciful and loving. I believe in Him.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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