I just got back home from spending a wonderful evening with our youth group. Every two weeks on a Saturday we gather at a youth kids home and have a time of worship, prayer, fellowship and other things that vary everytime.

Tonight we opened up in worship and then went into a time of sharing about our lives. It’s a blessing everytime we can have these kinds of talks because the kids are so open and vulnerable before eachother. They are able to always share about the joys as well as the struggles and they are always open for advice and opinions. This shows me how much they truly love one another, trust eachother, and consider everyone true brothers and sisters in Christ.

After the time of sharing we went into a time of prayer. Praying for everyone’s prayer requests as well as praying for our brothers and sisters that couldn’t be with us. I love how we are all able to come together and encounter the power of prayer as a community.

Once we were finished with prayer our youth pastor wanted us to have discussion on a particular topic. The topic was how we personally spend time and hangout with God in our own lives. This time was so powerful to me.

It was so eye opening to see how everyone spends quality time with God in their own unique way. How everyone furthers their relationship with God in a very personal manner.

What I realized from this was how awesome God truly is. That He meets us and encounters us in special ways. God isn’t just a black and white God who only has specific ways of meeting us but He meets us where we are in ways that are meaningful to us personally.

God knows how we interact and He comes to us in those ways. Weather it’s through nature, music, journaling, prayer or scripture. God can be found through and in all things.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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