It is finally Friday which marks the day to my busy, hectic, stressful and overwhelming week. The biggest motivation for me today was knowing that I would be able to truly worship and listen to His words at youth service tonight.

So after taking a nap and eating a quick dinner I headed over to church. Yes, I had some expectations and desires for tonight’s service. I was really in need of just a time fully devoted to God. I was hoping He would encounter me tonight, I would go through some healing and that God would reveal revelations.

But God is a loving Father and a gracious God. He knows exactly what we want and need but gives unto to us more than we deserve. That is the God I encountered tonight.

During worship I was able to lay everything down at His feet. My burdens were lifted and the hurt in my heart was touched. He gave me a fire to pray again and an ear to listen to what He had to say. I was able to take my eyes off of myself and focus completely on Him.

But what really touched me tonight that I was in need of was the sermon by our youth pastor. He spoke on exactly what I was needing to hear. It couldn’t have been anymore perfect. Everything I was dealing with this last week that has been heavy on my heart was addressed.

He started off by listing all these heroic figures from the Bible like Paul, Abraham, Moses, David and many more. But then he went through and talked about all the sinful things that they did. He identified their falls and their brokenness. That’s something a lot of us Christians never really look at. We usually just look at their strengths and accomplishments but today we looked at their brokenness. He tried to put a title on them that would be the most fitting and appropriate for the youth kids and he said that if we just look at their flaws and negative actions we could look at them as “losers”.

For example when talking about David and Bathsheba he said David was like a loser. But what he focused on was that God uses people like David and everyone else that could be seen as losers for His will. God doesn’t only use perfect and pure individuals but He uses the broken.

That is what I needed to hear. This past week I have been struggling with my brokenness. Realizing how unworthy I am to be used in ministry and to be called a leader in the church. But this message gave me comfort and strength. To know its not about who I am but all about who God is. That through my brokenness He will still use me.

I am so thankful for tonight. Those words from the message really gave me motivation and confidence. I was able to be lifted up once again and fully trust in God and not myself. Ministry and being a Christian has nothing to do with me and what I can do. It has to do with trusting Him and believing in what He can do through me.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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