Today was a busy, stressful but joyous day. Felt a bit overwhelmed throughout the day because of a big exam tomorrow but God lifted away the burdens during Refresh tonight. To be honest I didn’t have any expectations for tonights worship and bible study because my mind was so busy thinking about my exam. But of course God showed up and did His work when least expected.

It was only myself and two other brothers in my group for bible study tonight. Usually we jump right into our questions and scripture but starting today I wanted to try something a little different. So in the beginning we took a chunk of time just to share with each other how our lives have been, good things, bad things and how God has been working in our lives. I honestly was just expecting it to be a time where we would get conversation started and get momentum going. But God showed up.

One of our brothers started sharing. He was the first one. So I have known him for about 10+ years but today I was able to see a side I have never been able to see before. Through him I saw the power of vulnerability. He was able to lay everything down before us and share his heart and what has been happening in his life. It was such a powerful time to see him be so open towards us and share what has been on his heart.

It was truly a blessing. Because of him being vulnerable and willing to be open, that encouraged me to do the same. To be able to break down my walls and share what has truly been on my heart. To not sugarcoat anything but come before my brothers as I am.

I believe that tonight was a time of breakthrough for our group. It was a time that God took us into a place we have never been before as brothers. God showed us what it truly means to be brothers in Christ. To share our hearts, thoughts and ultimately come together in prayer.

Being vulnerable is not easy. But at times it is so worth it.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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