After a not so good day yesterday I decided to take a day to just relax. Pretty much all I did today was eat, sleep and chill with my family. Sounds like a lazy time but it was much needed. Not going to lie, being unproductive really felt good today. It helped me to just take a step back and clear my mind from any negative thoughts and feelings.

As I just rested throughout the day I could just feel God’s comfort upon me. All my burdens were just lifted from my shoulders. All the guilt, regret and disappointment I felt from yesterday have been removed.

Nothing crazy happened today but I know that God was working in my heart. He filled me with peace and joy once again. I feel motivated to keep going. He has given me a positive lens which has helped me a lot to be more optimistic.

Yes, yesterday was a huge setback for me, but it will not hold me back from what is to come.

I’m glad God allowed a day like this for me. It was a much needed time to just relax and come back to Him. God knows what we need always.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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