Sadly today was the final day of my amazing break spent in Atlanta. This past week truly has been one of the greatest weeks. I have been blessed by God and by His people in abundance much more than deserved. I had expectations and desires for this week but everything came to be greater than I could have ever imagined.

Today was my last day in Georgia and just like the saying, the best for last came to be true. So not everyone knows until now but I have been in a long distance relationship with an amazing daughter of Christ for about 7 months now. I met her during my internship in Atlanta last summer and haven’t been able to see her since. But she was in a missions trip this past week in Honduras and came back last night and I was able to see her for the first time in 7 months last night but only briefly. But today was like our first official date. I was so thrilled but nervous and anxious at the same time since it has been so long.


The sad part was I could only stay for a couple hours until I had to come back to Cincinnati but we made the best out of it. Had bundles of laughter together over lunch and following lunch had dessert and coffee while sharing testimonies. It was awesome to hear in person and not over the phone how God has been moving in her life. But also to see God moving in her was great. I love how everything between us is centered around God and not ourselves.

It was a short time but a blessed time. It’s not easy being long distance. But today God revealed to me and reminded me about His perfect timing. I couldn’t be any happier. I am so thankful that God has finally allowed this opportunity for us and moved through it. He reminded me that the things that He starts He always takes care of.

It was really rough having to leave after such a short time but it was okay because through that time He gave us hope and joy for what is to come. The reason I had to leave early was actually because it was my best friend’s birthday party tonight. Our others friends came into town to celebrate as well. The funny thing is I told him I couldn’t make it because I would be in Georgia but I made sure to make enough time to make it back to spend time with him and everyone else.

Not going to lie, the drive back was pretty terrible at first. There were many road closures so my GPS took me through back ways that I have never been through before. I actually ended up driving through North Carolina and somehow ended up in the Smokey Mountains. At first I was complaining to myself because I was so tired from running off of 3 hours of sleep. But I caused myself to take a step back and just look around and appreciate the beautiful creation that was surrounding me. I was finally able to be filled with energy again to make it through the long drive.

Once I arrived to his house I actually got there before him because he was out with everyone else somewhere on their way back home. I hid in his housemate’s room until he came back. Once I heard him enter through the door I popped out and surprised him. The expression on his face was pretty priceless. I was so glad that I decided to come back in time to celebrate with him and all our other friends. The drive was definitely worth it… well kind of šŸ˜‰


After I hung out for a little bit I finally headed home. I was pretty exhausted but the thought of seeing my family gave me the last bit of motivation to continue driving. It was great coming home and sitting with my mom and telling her all about my trip. I was so thankful that she was so encouraging and happy for me taking this break.

Today was a near perfect day. God surrounded me with His lovely people. He has opened my eyes once again to see how blessed I am for the individuals around me and in my life. So many times we take the people in our lives for granted and I am guilty of that. But today God has encouraged me to continue to pour out and love the ones who do it for me.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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