If I had to summarize today in one word it would be, full. I was full of joy, full of peace, full of fun and ultimately my stomach was full with delicious food. Not going to lie, that is one of my favorite parts about being in this city, so many options to choose from to stuff your face with food. What more could I ask for.


  • Began my day bright and early at 8:30am at my mentor’s house for breakfast. I was so thankful for such an amazing breakfast not only filled with good food but good conversation and good vibes. This mornings breakfast brought back memories of when I stayed at their place last summer for my internship and how many mornings I would come downstairs to a delicious breakfast like today’s, always prepared with love. I couldn’t have started my day in any better fashion. Even thought I am not a morning person, this morning was awesome. Waking up at 8am was worth it 🙂


  • Only a couple hours following breakfast I went to meet up with a dear brother of mine for lunch. We went to go eat shabu shabu or aka hot pot. So they don’t have restaurants in Cincinnati that sell this so whenever I want it we have to make it home. So whenever I am in the ATL I try my best to get some. It was great going to the place I usually liked going to and being able to eat with such a good guy. It’s honestly been pretty hectic (but good) for me since I have been down here this week so it was nice to just wind down over a quiet lunch with my brother. As we were enjoying our food I was able to hear a lot about how God has been working in his life. Good food and good conversation is always the best combination.
  • After lunch we went and chilled a little bit at a Korean cafe before heading over to church to play some ball. I was looking forward to playing basketball with the church guys even before coming down. Actually basketball was an avenue that God used for me during my internship here to get close with the boys at church and form a deeper community. So being able to play again in that gym with the same people was such a blessing. We ended up being in the gym longer than expected today which called for a late dinner. Since we were all exhausted and starving we decided to get some great food with awesome people.


  • Korean BBQ it was. One of the key staples that you can’t miss before leaving this city. I was kind of worried I might not be able to get my fix before going back up to Cincy but my friends pulled through and made it happen. I was most definitely a happy camper. We ate so much meat you would think we were dinosaurs.. jk.. not really. The food was amazing and all but the friends was what really mattered. It was just awesome to hangout with people you haven’t seen in months and share a meal together.

When you look through the gospels and look at Jesus’ life, you will see that in almost every story He is either coming from, going to or at a meal with others. In the same way I believe that in today’s world God uses food and times of dining together with people as a great opportunity for fellowship. It was great just being able to spend all day with the people that I love, eating the food I love.

So grateful for such a heart-warming day.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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