I knew God was allowing me to find rest during this spring break but I did not expect it to happen this way. Today has been a day just overfilled with blessings upon blessings. I believe that God is taking this opportunity to rejuvenate me and fill me up once again. Originally I planned this trip to Atlanta to just have fun and take a break from everything. To be honest I didn’t have any expectations to encounter God during this trip, I just thought it would be a time for myself and a time of rest. But what God has proven to me already is that He is everywhere and moves in all things and that I can never count Him out of the picture. True rest is rest in Him.

  • I started my day off with breakfast with the family that I am staying with. After breakfast my friend and I went to do a quick Starbucks run which ended up being about 45 minutes. We thought we were just going to get coffee real quick and come back home but God used that opportunity to open up conversation. It was a time for us to just be vulnerable before each other and God and allow Him to speak. It was such a blessed time to just be open with one another and talk about God. We realized that God had something really big planned for us so we decided to have a time of prayer and message as a family tonight.
  • I wish we could have spent more time talking but I had lunch plans with a former youth member from my church in Cincinnati who is a freshman at Emory. I was so excited to see him and spend time with him because I have known him for most of my life growing up. He is one of the few who I would truly consider one of my younger brothers. It was crazy to see him in the environment of his college and realize that he really has grown so much. We were able to spend a couple hours just in deep conversation. It was a blessing to hear about his life and what God has been doing and how He has been moving since he has been in college. It was so awesome to see and hear how he has been growing into the young man that God has created him to be.


  • Right after we got done with lunch and coffee I had to head up to meet up with some dear friends that I met last summer during my internship here. These people played such a big role during my internship. I haven’t been able to see them since then so I couldn’t wait to finally meet up after so many months. It was so exciting to get to hangout with them just like old times. It brought back so many great memories by just being in their presence and talking about those times. I realized how truly blessed and thankful I am for such great brothers in Christ.
  • As soon as we got done hanging out I headed over to my mentors’ house for dinner with both of them and my cousins. This couple has probably made one of the biggest impacts in my life so having the privilege to spend time with them is always a blessing. Dinner was such a great time of conversation and laughter and I was happy that my cousins could be there as well. My cousins left after dinner and I stayed for a little longer just to chat with my mentors. It’s always a blessing to talk with them and share with them what has been going on in my life. God always speaks through them to me and He definitely did that tonight.
  • After all that I went back to the home I was staying at. My friend and I talked about having a little time of prayer and message with the family earlier in the day so we proceeded. I honestly didn’t expect to give a message or lead a time of prayer when coming here so it was really unexpected. I had no idea what God had planned for us but what I knew was that it was going to be something great. After I gave a very short message we decided to go into a time of prayer. God encouraged me to prophesy over each member of the family because He had many things in store to tell them. I was so blessed that God opened this door for me tonight to use my gift and to see Him move in such radical ways. I believe from the bottom of my heart that God moved tonight in the hearts of every single one of them.

What I have come to realize today is that even though I can take a break from things of this world I can never take a break from God. And I am so thankful for that. He follows me everywhere I go and continues to surprise me in ways I could never imagine. Today was such a humbling day. I encountered God when it was the most unexpected. What better rest and rejuvenation could I ask for.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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