Wow… Today has been one the longest and busiest Sunday’s I have had in a long time. One thing after another just keeping me busy. Looking back now it was one heck of a day. A day that was very productive and filled with joy and blessings.

Where to begin…

  • Started off this morning by giving the sermon for our first service. While preparing this week I was extremely excited to give this message because I really felt like God was ready to reveal something through this sermon. The sermon title was “Make Time” and the scripture came from Mark 1:32-39. The main idea of the message was how we need to be intentional in making personal time with God. I focused on how even Jesus spent time in prayer and intimacy with God. I really felt the spirit moving during the service. I knew that it was God’s words being spoken and not my own. Has a “preacher” it is one of the most gratifying things when people come up to you after the sermon and tell you how it has touched them or brought revelation. I was so humbled that so many people this morning were able to experience and encounter God through the message.
  • After the morning service we had a youth group outing to Sky Zone which is an indoor trampoline place. I was so glad that majority of the youth kids were able to come out to the event. Once we got there and started jumping I just felt like a kid again. I was just carefree and filled with a joy and peace that is unexplainable. All i cared about in the moment was having fun. It was such a great time to just let loose and be foolish. So many times I get stuck trying to be an adult and be mature but today during the outing I was able to just let go of everything and be free. I am so glad I could spend time with everyone in laughter and joy.
  • I had to leave the outing a little early to head back to church to give the message for our 1:30 service. Not going to lie I was pretty exhausted and gassed from jumping and being so active because it has been awhile lol. So on my drive back to church I calmed myself down and had to catch my breath. But being so active helped give me a burst of energy. As soon as I got to church I was in a rush getting changed and prepared for the service. But deep down in my heart I was really excited for this service as well because I knew God had even more in store for the day. Once we started the service with the praise team I just knew God’s presence was amongst us. The worship was absolutely amazing and spirit led today. That is when I became so excited to see God’s will unfold during the message. My message was similar to the sermon from first service. I just used some different scripture and focused on Psalm 84. It was such a blessing to see that God’s heart was being portrayed throughout the service. I was just in such a joyful mood and really felt from the bottom of my heart that there was no place I would rather be than in that room with those people encountering God.


  • Once that service was over I went to Starbucks with one of my leaders for Refresh to plan a couple things for the months to come. I am so blessed to have such an awesome group of leaders that I can work with and especially him. We were able to get through things very quickly because we just click. After the meeting was over I just realized how excited I am for our plans to come alive in the near future. Through the meeting God showed me that He has so much waiting for us as a family, community and ministry.
  • After the meeting we headed over to a teacher/leader appreciation dinner that our church was hosting for all teachers and leaders in all ministries. It was a great opportunity to be able to fellowship with other servants of God from not only the ministries I am involved with but everyone from our church. It was a blessed time of delicious food, crazy laughter and awesome conversation.
  • After dinner was over I hurried back home to see my parents because they just got back from their trip to Atlanta. It was such a blessing to see my parents refreshed and rejuvenated. They really deserved this mini vacation and to hear that they had a great time really put a smile on my face.
  • My mom brought back a whole bunch of Korean groceries and food from Atlanta and she wanted me to take some to one of our close family friends. At first I really didn’t want to since I was so exhausted from my long day but I got myself to just tough it up and go. Once I arrived at their house all I wanted to do was drop off the stuff but they insisted on me coming in and having a cup of tea. At first I was hesitant but couldn’t refuse. I am so glad I went in. We just spent hours talking about God and our lives and it was such a blessing to spend time with some older people to hear their insight and advice. I loved just talking about old memories we have had together and reminiscing on good times.

Overall today was a pretty crazy day. I would be lying if I said it was easy or I wasn’t tired. But what I have come to realize throughout all of these things is how thankful I am. I am so thankful for all these amazing opportunities God blesses me with non-stop. And I am extremely thankful for all these beautiful people I can do life with. Currently I am super tired and ready to fall asleep but I know that I will fall asleep tonight with a smile on my face. Everything that I did today was worth it 🙂

I saw God today.

Did you?

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