It has been one extremely chill but fun Saturday. I was able to get plenty of sleep last night and catch up on the rest I lacked this past week. So I woke up in a very good mood. Had some lunch with my sister while watching Fuller House on Netflix which was a blast. My sister and I used to watch Full House together a long time ago so it was awesome watching the new one with eachother.

After that I went to the coffee shop I have been going to recently. Met up with two of my brothers just to talk and catch up. One of them I haven’t seen in a few months so it was great being able to see him and talk about what’s vein happening in our lives. It was just a fun time chatting and cracking jokes. I love hanging out with these guys because we always end up laughing the majority of the time. I’m glad God has blessed me with such brothers.

Once we got done with coffee I had to head over to a youth group house gathering. I got there but not as many kids as we expected came out. So after dinner we usually enter into a time of worship, prayer and bible study but today, last-minute we just decided to play games and hangout. It’s been awhile since we have gathered just to hangout. We started off with some Jenga, which got very competitive and then moved on to a handful of card games. It was a lotttttt of fun.

I definitely believe that worship, prayer and bible study should be the center of a Christian community. But I also believe that there are times that just call for fellowship and fun. It is a very important element in a community to be able to laugh together and smile together.

Joy of the Lord can be found in so many different settings. God is an omnipresent God that isn’t present only in times of worship but also in times of fellowship as well. He works in and through all things.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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