Since my dad’s injury in December he has just been home bound. He hasn’t really been able to go anywhere and do anything but stay home. But starting a few weeks since the pain has been going he has been able to go out to some places on his wheelchair.

It has been extremely stressful for him mentally. Then we found out my aunt and uncle had to go down to Atlanta for the weekend so my mom decided to go with them with my dad. They left this morning and they will be spending time down there until Sunday with my aunt and uncle and cousins.

Since my sister and I have been so busy we haven’t had the chance to take him anywhere really far. So I am just extremely thankful and blessed for my aunt and uncle to have the heart to take him somewhere to refresh his mind.

Honestly I don’t think my parents have ever been on a trip without me or my sister since I’ve been born. I’m so glad they are able to have this time to just enjoy and relax without having to worry about everything.

So since my parents are out of town I’m just with my sister. This rarely ever happens when I’m home with only my sister. It’s not awkward or anything but just very different lol.

It was time for dinner so we planned to go get pho. She has refused to try it forever so I wanted to take this opportunity to take her to try it out since I absolutely love it.

I can probably count on one hand the times just me and my sister went out somewhere to eat. So it was such a blessing to be able to share a meal together and spend some quality time. She ended up enjoying the pho which gave me a sigh of relief. After we ate I had to go to church so we left in our separate cars.

On my way to church I just realized how thankful I am for her. I’ve always had a great relationship with her and she treats me better than I ever deserve and many times I take it for granted. But today God just opened my eyes once again to see my sister as a blessing and gift from Him.

It was great to just take time with her. I realized that I should try to do this more often.

Thank you God for such a beautiful family and an amazing sister.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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